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What do American Health Holding clients have to say?


"Flexibility has always been at the top. American Health goes out of its way to be in the forefront of new services and new products. They have a broad scope of case managers with a variety of specialties. They're cutting edge and a leader in the medical management industry."
Kerry KovaleskI
Director of Medical Management & Provider Relations
Arizona Foundation for Medical Care
Phoenix, AZ

"American Health is very aware of the needs of our different clients. Any time we have needed anything, they have bent over backwards to accommodate us. That flexibility has been invaluable. Timeliness and accessibility have never been an issue. American Health has been a partner in working with our clients, and that’s important to our company."
American Benefit Corporation

Kim Wood
Chief Compliance Officer and Consultant
American Benefit Corporation
Ona, WV

"We've never worked with a company in this realm that allowed us to customize their processes for our specific program or that has provided the level of customer service that we receive. We use their iSuite EZ reporting system every day."
Steve Overman
TPA Consultant

"Our more than 20 years' experience in the industry has shown that now more than ever, companies must be client-focused and flexible to compete in today's market. I'm impressed by the way American Health Holding listens to individual client needs to develop customized solutions. Their client-driven, strong service attitude begins with their CEO and is seen throughout their company in everything they do."
Interactive Health

Brad Hiller
Vice President of Sales
Interactive Health
Schaumburg, IL

"American Health provides the oversight needed to manage claims costs. Their Case Management department is customized to meet our clients' needs versus the industry standards."
Michael Lagalante
International Benefits Administrators LLC
Garden City, NY

"American Health's diverse portfolio, including data analytics and technology, allows us to create custom self-insured plans that outperform and exceed the commercial markets. They give the employer the cutting edge tools to measure their performance, keep them engaged and manage their medical cost trend. American Health Holding gets results."
Outsource Marketing Strategies

Cindy Lee Rottmann
President /CEO
Outsource Marketing Strategies, Inc.
Tempe, AZ

"American Health is very flexible in meeting our clients' ever-changing needs. They are always willing to explore new opportunities that are not part of their standard product package."
Missy Reasinger
Senior Account Manager
Harrington Health
Westerville, OH

"From a medical management standpoint, AHH delivers what the customer wants: flexibility that fits our needs, versus one solution that fits all needs. Their onsite nurses are accustomed to our client base. They are invested in our success."
Capitol Administrators

David Reynolds
President & CEO
Capitol Administrators
Rancho Cordova, CA

"Wellness and Disease Management programs have been a hot topic for a few years, and clients are reaching out to discover ways to incorporate wellness into employee health plans effectively and efficiently. AHH has been instrumental in helping TPSC assist our clients with a variety of choices and excellent service. Developing a program of Utilization Management, Disease Management and Wellness can be challenging and exciting all at once! The staff at AHH has been very open to hearing the needs of our clients and assisting us in developing the program that serves each client's specific desires and requirements."
Cindy Gibbons
Account Manager
Trusteed Plans Service Corporation
Tacoma, WA

"We work with American Health because of their willingness to enhance their available products to a customized level to meet specific client needs."
Greg Cucullu
Combined Benefit Administrators
Fresno, CA

"In order to be successful in this industry, tailored solutions that are customized to my company's needs make all the difference. It is this approach that American Health offers that others can't provide."
Shelli Lara
Innovative Healthcare Delivery
Las Vegas, NV

"AHH provides our TPA with flexibility. By providing both turnkey and unique management solutions for our clients, we are able to meet and exceed expectations in an increasingly competitive marketplace."
Rob Stokes
VP of Marketing
CBA Blue
Burlington, VT

Price and value

American Health has been able to provide services that are integrated into our systems, offer products that meet and exceed the marketplace at competitive pricing, and provide a service team that is second to none. The American Health team provides the clinical support needed in today's complex market and offers a suite of products that are built into the Allied marketing platform. Their systems are easy to use, and the staff provides wonderful service and support to our team.
Allied Benefit Systems

John Kachergius
Vice President of Administration
Allied Benefit Systems, Inc.
Chicago, IL

American Health has provided us unique options that are customized to the needs of our clients. They offer flexibility, wonderful support and great service at a fair price.
Capitol Administrators

Renee Stout
Capitol Administrators
Rancho Cordova, CA

We find working with American Health to be extremely beneficial and valuable to our clients. The customer service is exceptional along with the products and services. It's a pleasure having a product and service that truly saves our clients time and money.
Jennifer Sardo
Employee Benefits Senior Account Manager
Associated Financial Group
Minnetonka, MN


American Health has been an integral part of a collaborative team helping to manage the cost of services in a highly complex health market. Through personalized customer services, American Health focuses on providing timely and accurate responses and helps to ensure the right services are delivered at the right costs.
Benefit Planninc Inc.

Larry Slaff
Benefit Planning Inc.
Edmond, OK

We have been working with American Health since 2011 and find great value with their products and services. Their staff is always supportive and helpful, and they are above average outfit that offers superior service.
Sandra L. Dickerson
Benefit Manager
Decision Science Inc.
Baltimore, MD


USI/Southwest - Austin has selected American Health to provide services for our clients for several years. With the diversity of our accounts, their array of coverage capabilities with appropriate price points makes American Health a preferred provider for our clients.
USI Southwest

Karel Mosebrook
Employee Benefits Consultant
USI Southwest
Austin, TX

The value that American Health brings to our clients and members is invaluable to our company. In a recent case, American Health coordinated the transfer of a plan member's daughter to a nearby hospital following a tragic accident. Relieving the burden of responsibility to the family while carefully managing costs is the type of service we can expect from American Health. 

Simplifi Health Benefit Management

Cindy Sonnen
Simplifi Health Benefit Management, LLC
Columbus, OH

We have used American Health Holding for over five years. I have always found their staff friendly and knowledgeable. There have been a few instances where we have looked for a unique service or had a specific request. American Health Holding has always been quick to respond to our requests and has gone above and beyond to fulfill them. We have had measurable cost savings to our Plan by using the diverse suite of resources available to us by American Health Holding. They are truly a pleasure to work with.
Melissa Crawford
Claims Supervisor
Iron Workers District Council
Rochester, NY


American Health is easy to work with, very responsive and communicative. Their turnaround time is excellent. We are very satisfied, especially with the Medical Review staff.
Edwin Embry
Director of Benefits
Cement Masons & Laborers Health & Welfare Fund
Northern, CA

American Health's CM nurses balance the needs of our clients and each individual member they engage. Their model is personable, generating high member satisfaction, while providing program oversight to help manage our loss ratio.
Lynn Fleury
Marketing Executive
Blue Benefit Administrators of MA

Over the years, I have been impressed by both the Utilization Review and Case Management services provided by American Health Holding. The customer service is excellent! It is great to have an actual contact when a situation arises. The case management nurses are knowledgeable; their reports are understandable and comprehensive. Many of our patients in Case Management have called Group Administrators to say the case manager was wonderful to work with and very helpful.
Mary Hasterok
Case Management Coordinator
Group Administrators, Ltd.
Schaumburg IL

Over the years that we have been working with American Health, I have virtually no complaints. Our experience with AHH has always been fantastic for both us and our clients. We have always been more than satisfied with the service, the technology and the expertise.
Susen Bookwalter
Vice President, Claims Review & Resolution
New Era Life
Houston, TX

Employees are the single most important asset of any company. I feel it is my responsibility as president of our company to provide products and services to give our employees an opportunity to enjoy a happier and healthier life. Healthy employees are not only happier, but more productive. This is where American Health Holding's team fits our objectives perfectly. We have been able to integrate their products and services into our benefits programs, giving our staff every opportunity to lead a healthy and productive life. Thank you American Health Holding!
Baldwin House Agency

Mark R. Baldwin
Baldwin House Agency, Inc
Nashville, IL


There is an account management service philosophy that AHH has as an organization. Every touch point is a good experience. Good listening, good follow-through and flexibility without compromising the integrity of the AHH program.
Ann Lervold
Quality & Health Promotion Services Manager
First Choice Health
Seattle, WA

American Health has provided a great resource with their ability to assist with RFP and sales opportunities. They are always willing to customize materials and programs to best fit our clients' and prospects' needs.
Bill Bixler
Sr. Account Executive
The Loomis Company
Wyomissing, PA

American Health's Case Management service has provided H.H.C. Group and our clients with an exceptional service. The nurses are always available for questions, very responsive and willing to work with our team to ensure members receive the care and information needed.
Bruce D. Roffé
President & CEO
H.H.C. Group
Gaithersburg, MD

There are specific companies where you have one or two people that you can contact, and those people come and go. Our companies have been working together since the 90s. There's a huge comfort factor in being able to contact my American Health account executive who I've worked with for years and years. I know I'm going to get a response, and it's going to be timely. If it's something that is being worked on, then American Health keeps me updated. And if there is any way, shape or form that what I'm asking for can happen, it's done. And if it's not, then I still know I'm going to get an answer, even if I don't like that answer. That's unique nowadays. Everyone wants to pass the buck. That is worth gold. If I can have someone that's honest with me, that's huge.
Marc Paulson
Benefit Plan Administrators, Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI

I have worked with American Health for about 10 years now. I have had great communication with their onsite case manager; working with her has given a lot of insight into what goes on within a medical management company. Like Paragon, American Health is always thinking about the member first.
Debbie Toney
Director of Operations
Paragon Benefits, Inc.
Columbus, GA

I am very pleased with all the timely efforts of American Health with our implementation and once we went live. My relationship with American Health is great, and I want to thank them for all their efforts in making this relationship a success.

Lockard and Williams Insurance

Erica Smith
Claims Supervisor
Lockard and Williams Insurance
Pascagoula, MS

I have been very impressed with American Health's client support. If one person is out I can call someone else who is always willing to assist. This is extremely helpful to our case management and medical review needs.

Jeannie Couey 
BAS Limited
Ridgeland, MS

American Health Holding is always very responsive to our needs and concerns. They have taken our issues seriously and always treated them as a priority.
Automated Benefit Services

Joanne Sciuto
Vice President of Client Services
Automated Benefit Services, Inc.
Sterling Heights, MI

What I appreciate most about American Health Holding is the genuine commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. Starting with the CEO, concerns are heard, validated and acted upon swiftly to ensure that the client is satisfied.
Kim Stroud
Benefits Manager
Manatee County
Bradenton, FL

As a start-up company, American Health's partnership was an integral part of our success. Their iSuite software provided the reporting transparency that allowed us to identify high risk cases. They customize their services to fit our needs, but it is the partnership that we value the most.
Lonestar TPA

LaRea Albert
Lonestar TPA
Tyler, TX

I have never been disappointed with American Health's level of customer service. I can't think of a single occasion where we've asked for something and not received it. We are also very appreciative of American Health's Utilization Management reports. They're very informative, concise, comprehensive and user friendly to both the administrators and the clinicians on staff.
American National Insurance Co.

Libby Watkins
Manager of Health Benefits Management
American National Insurance Co.
Galveston, TX

American Health Holding has been a valued partner for over 12 years. We find them to be very helpful and responsive, especially working with their Case Management department.
Leggett & Platt

Patty Darrow
Leggett & Platt
Carthage, MO

We had very little time between hiring AHH and our "go live" date. Everyone made the implementation go as smoothly as possible. The IT team has been great to work with, and iSuite is amazing!
Associated Administrators
Sparks Glencoe, MD

We recently moved a large number of our Utilization Review and Case Management clients to AHH and we have been very pleased with their services. AHH has been responsive, flexible and timely. They are a solid partner for us and our clients.
Steve Chapman
Madison, WI

American Health has continuously demonstrated their understanding of our philosophy; people come first. The staff at American Health care about what they do, and it clearly shows in every aspect of the services they perform for our clients.
Colonial Medical Insurance 
Hamilton, Bermuda

Working with AHH has been a very positive experience. Their customer service is outstanding as is their product. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in enhancing their health care benefits and having a potential cost savings.
Cindy Daly
Account Executive
Regional Care, Inc.
Scottsbluff, NE

American Health is very easy to work with. Their iSuite access provides all the detail we need to process claims and respond to inquiries from providers, members and stop loss carriers. American Health is responsive to our requests and keeps our office informed of potential large claims, etc.

Administrative Office


Carenet has enjoyed a long term partnership with American Health Holding. They are a quality organization that will always go the extra mile to make sure a customer's needs are met. We are proud of the partnership we have and look forward to many more years of jointly serving customer's needs.
Rick Scheel
VP of Sales
Carenet Healthcare Services
San Antonio, TX

We have a level of trust in their services because of such high quality and professional staff. It is very helpful when responding back to our customers' questions. Our companies are simply a good fit for one another. 

Cindy Evenson
Benefit Plan Administrators of Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI

For the past two years, American Health Holding has provided exceptional precertification and case management services to participants in several Welfare Funds administered by our TPA. Now, we look forward to adding other critical, cost saving programs offered by AHH such as Maternity Management and Outpatient Chemo Precertification. It's a win-win, for the participants and the Welfare Funds, when AHH is your business partner during these ever changing and uncertain times in the health insurance industry.
Kathy Cole
Account Executive
GEM Group Inc
Pittsburgh, PA

I have worked with AHH for many years and have always been pleased and impressed with their level of expertise and professionalism. Their case managers have served both our clients and the patients well in getting quality care while controlling costs. Makes us look good in selecting such a quality partner!
3P Administrators

Nancy Fee
Vice President
Onalaska, WI

We have been using American Health Holding for many years. From the relationship with our account executive to the quality of service provided, American Health is a knowledgeable and reliable partner.
Thomas R. Daniel
New Orleans Employers - International Longshoremen's Association
New Orleans, LA

AHH has added best practice clinical services, system, tools and people to our team and suite of services. Their flexible delivery of the client- and member-focused model, coupled with their proven performance and outcomes, puts AHH at the top of my list. AHH is an exemplary partner.

Gregg Kamas
Chief Health Officer
EBMS, Inc.
Greenwood Village, CO

For the past two years, American Health Holding has provided exceptional precertification and case The reason we continue to use American Health is because we can rely on them for defensible and reasonable reviews of our non-contracting provider bills (out- of- network claims). We have come to find their services invaluable.
Pauline Hann
Benefits Manager
Carpenters Health & Welfare Trust Fund for CA
Oakland, CA

American Health's iSuite system provides the Wabash claim team quick and easy access to our members' precertification information. We utilize the system daily and find the convenience, ease of use and information a great asset to timely and accurate claim adjudication.
Debby Kunze
Medical Claim Manager
Wabash Memorial Hospital Association
Decatur, IL

American Health has provided Case Management and Utilization Review for Cerner HealthPlan Services since 2007. Case Management helps improve our members' experience through education, case oversight and identifying alternative care options when appropriate to maximize their health benefits. Utilization Review ensures oversight of inpatient and outpatient procedures for the most cost-effective, quality treatments to help realize health plan savings and appropriate health care services for our members. American Health plays a role in our ability to exceed our clients' expectation for benefits administration.
Cerner HealthPlan Services

Betty Safford
Director, Client and Quality Operations
Cerner HealthPlan Services, Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, MO


I work with at least 12 different Utilization Management companies, and I would have to put American Health in my top tier as far as companies I would recommend. We started using American Health's services years ago, and they were ahead of the game then. They have a very good grasp of the self-insurance business and how to involve reinsurers, carriers, MGUs and TPAs. A lot of Utilization Management vendors don't get that. American Health knows the business and that's the biggest plus of all.
Professional Benefit Administrators

Regina Davis
Director, Managed Care Programs
Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc.
Oak Brook, IL

American Health case managers are just more unique at a professional level. Their communication skills are filled with knowledge; they are very prompt to respond, extremely honest and very good with members. Whenever I refer someone over to Case Management, I never question the level of expertise our members will receive.
Carol Stolzenbach
Diversified Group Brokerage
Marlborough, CT

American Health is a partner to our success as a health plan administrator. They are knowledgeable, responsive and a great resource.
Dave Parker
Sr. VP Sales & Marketing
Meritain Health
Amherst, NY

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions considers AHH to be one of our preferred vendors because they have programs in place to help manage complex diseases such as cancer. If supported by the plan document, AHH can proactively review patients and assist with second opinions to ensure accurate diagnosis, testing and that the most appropriate treatment protocol is being followed. Additionally, AHH case managers help employees select in-network facilities that have the best outcomes for the diagnoses and negotiate costs of care while maintaining a focus on the employee and their dependents. AHH helps employees regain their optimum levels of wellness and simultaneously protect plan assets.
Matt Leming
Sales Leader, VP
Swiss Re
Overland Park, KS

The case managers that I have a relationship with are extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, thorough and receptive - every word you could possibly think of. They're awesome. Our case management supervisor is an incredible go-to person for me.

Joni Clover
Claims Department Manager
Burlington, IA

American Health's Utilization Review service and iSuite medical management software provides our claims processors with easy access to all the precertification information necessary. The Case Management team is thorough, responsive, and a great resource for our staff and our members.
Mike Jacobson
Fund Administrator
National Automatic Sprinkler Industry
Landover, MD

The staff at American Health is a valuable resource to our claims administration team. Anything our team at MEBA needs, whether it be questions regarding a precert or the more complex details of a high-cost member in Case Management, the American Health staff is always helpful and knowledgeable.
Patty Kelly
MEBA Benefit Plans
Baltimore, MD

American Health makes my job a little less stressful. When something needs to be retro pre-certified it is done quickly. All of the staff at American Health is very professional and caring. Their case managers will never hesitate to explain things in detail if I have a question. It is always a pleasure to work with them.
Lynn Feldman
Claims Manager Tri State Administrators
UFCW Local 2013

American Health Holding's workforce demonstrates education and skills that provide exemplary customer service to internal and external customers alike. They work cohesively so that the member experience is seamless. I would recommend AHH to any business requiring their expertise and business model.

Sharon Abney
Operations Manager
SASid, Inc. /
Janesville, WI

Our company has been using American Health Holding for many years. The quality of service provided by American Health is excellent, and every member of the staff has been helpful, knowledgeable and reliable.
Nia Padmore
Claims & Eligibility Manager
National Automatic Sprinkler Industry
Landover, MD

The expertise that American Health provides to the aeromedical transfers allows us to facilitate and expedite the process. Their compassion and empathy for the patient and the patient's families sets a standard to which all health care providers should strive to achieve.
Craig Poliner
MedEscort International, Inc.
Allentown, PA


Allied has long partnered with American Health for medical management services to complement our strong position within the health care market payer space. We view American Health as an industry leader, innovator and good strategic partner.
Allied Benefit Systems

Mitchell Wilneff
Allied Benefit Systems, Inc.
Chicago, IL

American Health is always looking to innovate and make sure that our employer groups can customize a program to fit their needs, all while bringing the best support to them. For instance, American Health's specialty Oncology Case Management services are always doing what's in the best interest of the client and the member.

Holly Weiske
Director of Client Services
Cypress Benefit Administrators
Appleton, WI

American Health is very committed, passionate and focused on the needs of their clients. I love their can-do attitude. For our company they did not have a solution to our problem, so they tailor-made one. They are willing to go the extra mile, which gives us great results that impact our bottom line. Through the process, we've built a great strategic relationship that goes beyond just vendor and client.
Elite Underwriters

Staci O'Toole
Vice President Sales
Elite Underwriters
Los Altos, CA

I am always looking for cutting-edge medical management tools that provide my clients with solutions for everyday life problems. American Health Holding provides flexible solutions for the inflexible schedules of my clients.

Stacey A. Dunbar
Assistant Vice President, Sr. Sales Executive
Huntington Insurance
Toledo, OH

American Health Holding has been a strategic partner of Fox-Everett for many years. From the onset of our relationship, they have demonstrated their depth of knowledge in case management for us, our reinsurance carriers and our many clients with self-funded medical plans. They have the flexibility to provide services for our clients that are not aligned with their core business; they have provided an onsite nurse for our TPA, which places expert clinical knowledge right in our workplace, and they perform more as an extension of our business than as a "vendor."


Nita Miller
Executive Vice President
Fox-Everett, Inc.
Ridgeland, MS

American Health's integration of data in one place that can actually speak to one another (Disease Management can speak to Case Management, etc.) is a strong point to our book of business. Information is available to everyone, which really plugs some holes in the whole wellness/chronic disease management continuum. This filled our need for a program to manage people with chronic conditions and not just the catastrophic.
Tina Vasen
VP Marketing
Trusteed Plan Services Corp.
Tacoma, WA

American Health understands the need for a client's overall health management strategy to expand beyond the deployment of UM, CM and DM services. This leadership-driven vision, which is echoed throughout their operations and marketing teams, allows American Health to align themselves with companies like CuraLinc Healthcare when opportunities exist to serve clients in an integrated, yet seamless, fashion.
CuraLinc Healthcare

Sean Fogarty
President and CEO
CuraLinc Healthcare
Chicago, IL

ChiroMetrics views American Health Holding as an industry leader in medical management and values every opportunity to partner with them.

Michael Richard
Vice President, Business Development
ChiroMetrics, Inc.

American Health is and has always been very receptive to any need that we may have in servicing our clients. Their products and services are constantly being updated to meet the changing needs of this market. I would highly recommend AHH to anyone needing medical management services.
Deb Immel


  • There is an account management service philosophy that AHH has as an organization. Every touch point is a good experience. Good listening, good follow-through and flexibility without compromising the integrity of the AHH program.
    Ann Lervold, MA
    Quality & Health Promotion Services Manager

    First Choice Health Seattle, WA
  • American Health has been able to provide services that are integrated into our systems, offer products that meet and exceed the marketplace at competitive pricing, and provide a service team that is second to none. The American Health team provides the clinical support needed in today's complex market and offers a suite of products that are built into the Allied marketing platform. Their systems are easy to use, and the staff provides wonderful service and support to our team.
    John Kachergius
    Vice President of Administration

    Allied Benefit Systems, Inc. Chicago, IL
  • American Health is a partner to our success as a health plan administrator. They are knowledgeable, responsive and a great resource.
    Dave Parker
    Sr. VP Sales & Marketing

    Meritain Health Amherst, NY
  • AHH has been a preferred PBA partner for many years because of their commitment to quality services and staying current on the cost containment needs of their clients. AHH consolidates many services into one place, which makes it easy for PBA to coordinate care and data across platforms.
    Diane Geiger
    Director of Sales Support

    Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc. Oak Brook, IL